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Q&A: A Practical Mortgage Guide
The world of mortgages can seem daunting and overwhelming. Fortunately, Better Than Loans strives to demystify real estate loans, making it easier for consumers to understand the often-overcomplicated nature of the banking industry. How often can someone refinance? People can Read More
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Hard Money Loans: Closing Documents
While every hard money lender’s requirements vary, there are a number of common documents required by most private money lenders to successfully close a loan. This includes, but is not limited to the following: Executed Purchase and Sale Agreement – Read More
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Are Hard Money Lenders Just Loan Sharks?
This is a question often posed in the real estate industry: are hard money lenders indeed just preying on the public and in fact, just loan sharks? In today’s downturned economy with traditional financial institutions loaning less capital to small Read More
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Hard Money Loans and Bad Credit
With many banks redefining credit ratings and underwriters requiring higher credit scores than in traditional year’s past, many people with poor to moderate credit ratings are seeking loans from hard money lending institutions. Fortunately, hard money lenders understand the difference Read More
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Buyer Beware: Spotting a Meth Lab
Every year, thousands of meth lab homes are sold to buyers that are unaware that their new home’s insulation, surfaces and flooring is contaminated by poisonous substances. With many buyers looking at short sales and foreclosures, often times the banks Read More
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Housing Market Bouncing Back
Across the country, the real estate market is slowly seeing the housing market stabilize and bounce back. The combination of low mortgage rates and steady market demand is coaxing homebuyers out of hiding. In fact, in some cities, the bidding Read More
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