Best Places in America to Live
“Money” has released their updated list of the best small cities in America to live. The list includes the top 10 cities: Carmel, Indiana – This once quiet town has recently transformed into one that combines work and play, making Read More
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Three ways to utilize a private loan to succeed in the real estate business
Hard money loans are often misconstrued and people associate hard money loans with loan sharks. The reality of it is that hard money lenders are not saviors, nor thieves. They are an available resource that is sometimes very necessary in Read More
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When is it beneficial to use hard money to buy residential properties?
Let’s say there’s a killer real estate deal: a foreclosure just pops on the market for 50-percent below market value. The bank holding the title has too many bank-owned properties, it’s the end of their fiscal year and inventory is Read More
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Private Money Lenders Bridge Economic Financing Gap
Many hard money lenders can offer more flexible types of loans and terms than traditional banking institutions. Government laws heavily regulate banks, which is why the lending industry has seen such a drastic reduction in the number of completed borrower Read More
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Most Common Documents Needed To Close a Hard Money Loan
A hard money lender is an excellent alternative to traditional bank financing for real estate investments and properties. An ideal solution for complicated developer projects, fix and flip properties, commercial developments and even raw land subdivisions, hard money lenders typically Read More
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How does a hard money lender value property?
In today’s real estate world, obtaining a loan is no longer a matter of “when” but a conditional “if.” Traditional banking institutes, heavily slapped by Big Government’s ever-domineering hand – are now required to follow stringent regulations that makes the Read More
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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Hard Money Lender
In today’s adverse economic times and with the housing bubble bursting into a colorful confetti of government regulated size pieces, many traditional lenders are unable to offer loans, even to borrowers in good standing. If borrowers that have acceptable credit Read More
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