U.S. Cities That Feature the Best Parks

For many people looking for jobs, big cities offer the best resource and selection for good-paying employment. What does city living mean for many people? The following cities are reinventing city dwelling, banishing the assumed concrete fortresses in favor of open, green spaces for residents to enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – Featuring a superb public park system, this city rates number one for their 197 city parks. The parks are located near lakes, rivers and streams, which give them more appeal. Minneapolis parks are 15.1-percent of the city’s area and the city spends approximately $210 per resident on the park system.
  • New York, New York – As Frank Sinatra proclaimed at the top of his lungs, “New York, New York, it’s a helluva town!” With 20-percent of the city being devoted to parks, New York’s parks see more than 100 million visitors annually. Central Park alone sees 40 million visitors. Extending beyond Manhattan, the New York park system encompasses Staten Island beaches, Bronx forests and even reclaimed plant properties. New York City spends $160 per residents on parks.
  • San Francisco, California – Approximately 18-percent of San Francisco is parkland. Featuring a relatively mild climate and breathtaking seaside location, these parks are enjoyed by residents year-round. Popular parks include Telegraph Hill, Embarcadero and Golden Gate Park. San Francisco spends $281 per resident on annual park related expenses.
  • Sacramento, California – With “Adopt-a-Park” volunteers, the city has more than 2,000 residents that help maintain Sacramento’s beautiful outdoors areas. Even though the city only donates 8.1-percent towards parkland, it features the highest park utilization rates in the entire U.S. Sacramento spends $157 per year per resident on the park system.
  • Boston, Massachusetts – Boston Common, the oldest U.S. park was established in 1634. The parks in this area are formal and feature gazebos, landscaped gardens, statues, fountains and monuments. Additionally, Boston rates the sixth fittest city by American College of Sports Medicine. Boston spends $110 per resident towards park-related maintenance and the parkland comprises 15.9-percent of the city.

Whether it’s a family or a single person, living near parks and open areas is an important draw for many homebuyers and real estate investors. Having convenient access to parks increases the number of potential buyers that are interested in a home, helping boost resale values.

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