Selling a Home FAST!

The average time for a home to be actively listed on today’s market is 71 days, which is 28 days less than a year ago.

What can you do as a seller to help prepare your home for a quick sale? The following tips are helpful when wanting to sell a home fast.

  • Curb Appeal – Everyone has heard about the essential importance of curb appeal, yet it’s one of the main things motivated sellers avoid focusing on. Curb appeal offers an immediate first impression of a house and gives sellers a split second decision to decide if they even want to see the home’s interior. A home’s interior can be beautiful but the exterior can be neglected, which will ultimately turn buyers away. Consider adding a fresh coat of exterior paint, mulch and new flowers. Anything that gets buyers in the door is money well spent.
  • Necessary Repairs – Instead of waiting for repairs to be called out in an inspection, consider making all necessary repairs ahead of time. Minor issues, such as a leaky faucet or toilet can detour many buyers because it makes them wonder what sellers are hiding. Being proactive lets buyers know you’re serious about selling your home.
  • Staging – Staging is important to making a house look modern, clean and well kept. Staging involves decluttering, depersonalizing and deeply cleaning a home. Additionally, furniture is arranged to help make the home look as large and functional as possible. In fact, statistics shows that a staged home sells faster than its unstaged counterpart and 95-percent of staged homes usually sell in 23 days! Pack up family photos, touch up paint and turn kid’s play areas into sitting rooms – it’s amazing what effect these minor changes will have on potential buyers.
  • Pricing – For sellers that want their home to move, consider setting a price that is comparable, but slightly lower, than similar homes nearby. If the comparable properties do not feature as many contemporary updates, consider selling the upgrades as a vital reason why potential buyers should consider your home over the competition.  Additionally, setting a fair price initially means a house has less chance of becoming shop worn, which is often associated with overpriced houses.
  • Spread the Word – Nothing compares to word of mouth advertising. By sharing with friends, social media outlets and local community acquaintances that you are selling your home, you may be very well on your way to finding a potential buyer. Using a licensed real estate agent opens many doors for sellers, as they have access to professional listing sites that advertise statewide, allowing non-locals to browse house offerings.

Better Than Loans is a direct lender that offers hard money loans. They also offer bridge loans, which are perfect for people looking to purchase another home before their home sells.

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